Sunday, May 16, 2010

Poem "The Feet"

At night, the feet become lonely.

All day they have considerable importance:
are carefully dressed in shoes
and ready at any moment to stand,
move around, take the weight of the body.
Even when the body is sitting, sometimes
the feet depress certain pedals
to control an automobile travelling at tremendous speeds
for hundreds of miles.

But at night
even their socks are taken away.
The feet are made to lie down naked
in a part of the bed no one visits.
All night they lie there, with nothing to do.

Hidden away in the darkness
under sheet and blankets
no wonder the two abandoned feet
begin a clumsy relationship.
One foot
suddenly crosses the ankle of the other
like a blind horse putting his head over the neck of
another blind horse.
The feet lie like this, touching all night
-stiff, self-conscious, not saying a word.

Tom Wayman(page 103)


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    You have seen the poem "The Feet" as the last addition to the Winter Anthology that we explored a few weeks ago. Drawing on your new knowledge of poetry and poetic conventions, search for a poem that links or "echoes" this poem. Create a blog containing your poem, and how that poem defines what the term "cold" may metaphorically represent.

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